Flooding in Texas

Texas is underwater.  I find this very disconcerting since we are scheduled to attend a convention in July in Houston, one of the hardest hit cities.  I realize it will most likely be dried out by then, but the fact remains, there will be remnants of the devastation.

These events bring to mind the aftermath of Katrina.  My dad was living on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi at the time, about 5 miles inland.  He elected to remain with his home and possessions despite our pleas to leave and head north.   After the worst of the storm, my brother got a call to bring supplies like gas, groceries, water, a generator, tarps and some lumber to patch the roof and minimize the damage to the house.

My brother and his oldest son ventured across the Florida panhandle into Alabama and Mississippi with a pickup loaded with supplies along with enough guns and ammo to hold down the Alamo if necessary.  And apparently it was necessary.  Looters were everywhere, searching neighborhoods for deserted homes and belongings.  At one point, my 75 year old father was sitting on the front porch with a shotgun, loaded and ready should the looters return after dark.

I will never know what possessed my dad to stay behind when everyone with any sense was at least 100 miles inland.  His things were more important to him than his life.

Think about that statement for just a minute.  What could possibly be more important?  Everything he owns could have been replaced with ease.  Luckily, we do not have to regret his decision.  But I have learned from it.  We are not more powerful than natural forces like Katrina.  Our prized homes and cars can be destroyed without as much as a moments notice.  Living life as if that were the case is now what I strive to do.  For that I have my father to thank.

Best of the weekend

Memorial day.  The unofficial beginning of summer!  And what happens with just about every American family at some point this summer?   That’s it!  Vacation!  My favorite subject!  You see I love vacation because I can make a living talking about travel.  You could too, but that is not the topic of this post.

What does the day mean?  Memorial day, to me it’s always a time to fly your American Flag loud and proud, eat watermelon, cook out with friends, have potato salad, baked beans with burgers and dogs.  Outstanding way to celebrate our freedom given to us by those who serve in our armed forces.  This year it is all too clear what that means for families with loved ones currently deployed or with the potential to be deployed.  My 18 year old daughter thinks she wants to join the Navy to be a diver.  She is already an excellent diver, and would be very effective in that role for the Navy.  There is just one problem.  She is my baby.  I don’t want her to do that.  It scares the hell out of me.  Our military personnel have a target on their back, and Commander in Chief that could care less.

If his children offered to serve, I might feel better, but we all know that won’t happen!  So, for me, this Memorial Day is bitter sweet, and takes on new meaning and new insight for the families in our military.  Bless them, and bless our country.

Before we go any further…

We need to establish some ground rules:

First off, we have to play nice with each other in this massive space called the internet.  That goes for marketers, educators, retailers, promoters, and those like me, who need an outlet for all the built up opinions that are looking for a place to exist.  With that said, I want to state that anyone can voice their opinion, and I welcome discussions on topics that could be controversial.  As long as you agree to disagree if your opinion differs from mine, we will be fine.  If you choose to attack person or perspective, there may be some deleting happening.  After all, it’s my blog.

Secondly, positive reinforcement for things done well by any individual is the best way to express appreciation.  If you choose not to send cash, that is fine, but your words are often more valuable, so choose them wisely.

Lastly, when you express yourself, whether in favor or opposed, I ask that you make an effort to use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.  If I do not comply, please bring this to my attention.  I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that includes writing.  It is my hope that my writing will improve and even be found worthy at some point.

That is all.

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